Online bidding Platform Making Construction Tendering Process Super Easy

As more and more companies are adopting workflow digitalization, online tendering or online bidding process for projects and subcontracts are getting more popular. The process helps to execute bid evaluation with reduced time, high efficiency and lower costs. The Online Bidding Platform is an innovative solution, and it provides e-tendering processes in an organized and… Continue reading Online bidding Platform Making Construction Tendering Process Super Easy

How To Market Your Products & Services Globally Through Online Business Community

Digital Platforms have made it easier for businesses, companies, manufacturers, resellers etc to promote their products and services on a global level. Businesses of all kinds be it startups, large scale businesses, small businesses etc can easily market their products and services to customers (B2C) or Businesses(B2B) via digital platforms.

Benefits of marketing on digital platforms includes –

Carry Out Various Sales And Purchase Operations Digitally With IbizPlatform

Today, almost all businesses are undergoing a massive digital transformation. Digitization is the need of the hour. Owing to the current pandemic situation and the aggressive digitization process, both buyers and sellers prefer digital mediums for sales and purchase processes. It is safer to use digital channels for sales and purchase options both for sellers and buyers. For sales professionals and purchasing operations, digital selling is rising as an impressive concept.

Top Ten Advantages of E-Tendering procurement activities in UAE

With the period of digitalization, the skyline of commerce openings has extended like never before. The offering environment is presently stimulated with the computerized change. E-tendering frameworks have killed all the issues of the conventional offerings and made it a consistent workout. Moreover, e-bidding stages empower bidders to bid for Worldwide tenders. Whether they are Indian-based tenders or tenders from Australia or Brazil, bidders presently have simple get-to tenders worldwide.