How To Market Your Products & Services Globally Through Online Business Community

Digital Platforms have made it easier for businesses, companies, manufacturers,resellers,etc to promote their products and services on a global level. Businesses of all kinds be it startups, large scale businesses, small businesses etc can easily market their products and services to customers (B2C) or Businesses(B2B) via digital platforms.

Benefits of marketing on digital platforms-


Product Marketing over digital platforms gives your businesses a good exposure and  a wider reach. Your business can easily have a global reach.


You can target specific audiences according to your customer base and buyer persona. 


You can easily and quickly inform people about your products and services and make them aware that you exist.


You can communicate with the audience personally or through group chat via emails and messages and solve their product queries and service inquiries.

To market your products and services globally, you have to promote them to the online business community.

Marketing Digitally offers an online marketplace where manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers can easily promote their products and services to the online business and companies’ extensive network. 

Here are few ways to promote your business on digital platforms-


Optimise your website according to the search engine results (SEO). To let customers know about your business, you should do SEO to be visible to them when people search you.

Website page

every business should have an online web page of their own with all the necessary information available. When a buyer visits it, it should be attractive, engaging, and designed in the listing manner with the call-to-action to be converted.

Social Media

Utilise social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., to market our business online. You can give the necessary information about your offerings on the tracks where your target audience is.  


If you have your target customer base, you can draft a personalised email about your product and service marketing, providing all the information and Call-to-action (CTA).

Promote Your Products And Services Globally With IbizPlatform. Ibizplatform offers a digital medium where companies and businesses, manufacturers, distributors,resellers can easily increase their audience rage via promoting their products and services on the digital platform.

Software Solutions

The Product Listing Page Is Where Companies, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Distributors & Resellers Can Promote their Product Categories & Brands, technical information, delivery criteria, contact details, and receive direct enquiries from buyers.

Thus, hardware, software and solutions can offer Companies, Solutions Providers, Contractors a service session for promoting their services like-

  • Manufacturing
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Design & Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Support Services
  • Onsite & Offsite Services
  • Surveying
  • Quality Control
  • Workforce Management
  • Logistics
  • Finance & Much More

In Digital marketing, the P & S Session of Ibizplatform Offers An Unified Digital Marketplace Platform where Businesses, Service Providers, Resellers can improve and increase their network & also scale existing customer relationships that result in overall business growth.

This module offers a session that gives the state of art filter & search options, where buyers can easily find products & services as per their needs. Even suppliers can conveniently advertise & promote their products and services and have a quick and instant communication channel where buyers can contact interested sellers directly through a marketing session.

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