Sales Session

Live Sales Enquiry Access

A Digital Platform That Helps Companies To Enhance Sales By Connecting To Potential Buyers.

What Does The Module Offer?


  • Companies & Businesses Spend Most Of Their Time & Effort On Typical Sales Operations Like Cold Calling, Follow-Ups and more For generating interested leads.
  • Our Sales Assist Module Eliminates These Additional Operations And Helps Build Stronger Connection Between Suppliers & Buyers, Were Both Ends Can Truly Thrive.
  • Suppliers Can Grow Their Network, And Connect Better With Interested Buyers Via Seamless Digital Interactions.

What Are The Advantages Of This Module ?


  • The Sales Module Incorporates Two Enquiry Sources. Suppliers Can Use These Enquiry Sources For Receiving Sales Enquiries From Target Buyers.
  • DI - Enquiry Source. Use The Direct Enquiry Source To Get Sales Enquiries Directly From Known Customers And Strengthen Existing Relationships.
  • AI-Enquiry Source. Automated Mapping Is A State Of The Art Procedure That Directly Maps Suppliers With Buyers. Suppliers Can Gain New Relationships And New Customers.

Why Should You Use This Module?


  • A Uniform Buyer Credibility Check, As Companies, Evaluate The Terms & Conditions, Technical Specifications Of Products & Services, Enquiries And Other Significant Details As Specified By The Buyer.
  • To Ensure An Honest & Transparent Sales Process, Buyers & Suppliers, Both Can Evaluate Each Other Thoroughly. Both Parties Can Analyse Each Other’s Portfolios, Review Ratings Before Finalising Each Other.
  • Get Real-Time Buyer-Supplier Status Updates, Ensuring Secure & Rightful Interactions. Suppliers Receive Quick Updates On Purchase Order (PO) Releases.