Professionals Session

Connecting Professionals to Target Companies

An Online Digital Portal Connecting Job Seekers & Freelancers To Larger Business Community.

Professional Services & Jobs

  • This session helps Professionals, Freelancers or Job Seekers to create own profiles, promote CV & Video CV which inturn can be reviewed by recruiters during job application. The advanced Video CV feature supersedes traditional candidature screening methodology and helps recruiter to speed up process.
  • The Video CV option offers Job Seekers & Freelancers to present themselves in a professional & presentable manner, attracting more recruiters to their profile.Professionals & Freelancers can search of available jobs, apply and receive real time updates on the application from the recruiter.
  • Freelancers who wants to promote their portfolio and services to target businesses have the provision to post Ads in Professional Services session. This session enables direct Buyer - Freelancer interactions over the digital platform that saves time and resources.

Access to Products & Services Listing

  • Working Professionals who are in need of finding or comparing products, suppliers, service providers have the provision to access to review the products & services listings from OEMs, authorized distributors and service providers.
  • Professionals can search for Products & Services that are listed in the P&S Session, review product supplier or service providers' profile and contact directly.
  • Professionals can review the products, data sheets, technical info, delivery details and supplier information for work related requirements.

Access to News Feed Pages


  • Professionals are provided with direct access to Newsfeed session for latest update on market trends.
  • The news feed page provides good insight for professionals about latest updates from target companies or industries, projects info, product releases and achievements for better due diligence.
  • The session enhances professional to keep updated about latest trends, market analysis and technological advancement.