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Identify - Collaborate - Accelerate

Identify Right Subcontractor. Vendor Prequalification, Techno Commercial Evaluation And Order Finalization.

Identify The Right Partners

OBP simplifies identifying the right partners that align seamlessly with the Buyer’s needs & requirements with simplified multi stage tendering process.

  • Stage 1: Bidder Company & Pre-Qualification Stage

Prospective buyers can request to evaluate potential bidders’ pre-qualification documents, including the interested bidder company’s detailed information, various project references, organisation charts, certifications, approvals, and other essential & relevant documents. The Buyer has the sole right to evaluate all the pre-qualification documents and can reject, approve or comment on them as per his best interests.

  •     Stage 2: Evaluation Of Technical Submittals

Buyers can request and evaluate potential bidders’ technical submittals for respective tenders. Buyers have the power to assess all documents like BoM, Technical Specifications, Datasheets, Technical Compliances, Execution Methodology and other related documents. Buyers can then approve, reject or comment that decides whether selected bidders are approved for stage 3.

  • Stage 3: Commercial Evaluation

The final stage involves buyers evaluating the commercial offer, payment terms, and various other Terms & Conditions the selected bidder puts forth for the final screening and shortlisting. Once decided, Buyers can release Purchase Orders To the selected bidder and notify the other bidders about bid closure.


Collaborate And Share Easily

  • The multi-stage screening process for selecting bidders ensures to prove the credibility of available bidders.
  • The session proves to be prolific for both sellers and end-users. It conveniently facilitates the collaboration of buyers and bidders. It provides a platform that helps interested buyers connect with interested bidders easily. Via the platform, buyers can come across authentic & valuable bidders that they might be unaware of and vice versa.
  • Using this session, Bidders and Buyers open new avenues of exposure. Buyers can quickly go through all essential documents related to the bidders and can choose from an array of bidders.

Salient Features


  • The OBP Session Offers A Multi-Stage E-Tendering Platform, Enabling Companies, Businesses, Enterprises, Suppliers, Vendors Automate Business Processes And Transactions In A Simple Manner.
  • The OBP Session is beneficial for companies, businesses & enterprises or suppliers and customers who are offered a wide range of products & services to choose from.
  • The OBP E-Tendering process can be easily accessed from homes as well as workplaces.