News Session

Market Due Diligence & Updates

Stay Connected With News Session For Latest Updates On Projects, Industry & Technology.

What Does The Module Offer?

  • Companies Can Promote Their Achievements, Recent Updates & Product Releases To Larger Online Business Community, That Helps Them Grow Their Clientele And Attract Potential Employees.
  • Registered Companies, Professionals, Manufacturers, Services Providers, All Can Discover Information On Industry-Specific Project & Technologies Through The News Feed Session.
  • The News Feed Section Focuses On Forming A Large Online Community That Helps Users Stay Updated On Various Industry Trends, Market Updates And More.

The Features Of The Module

  • A Digital Online Community That Allows Companies, End-Users, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Service Providers To Promote their products & services, connecting with a larger business audience.
  • Read The News Of Your Choice By Using The Filters Present In The News Feed Session.
  • Using The News Type Filter- You can select scroll through various options like Business, Latest Achievements & More For choosing the news you want to read. Via The Industry Type Filter- You Select A Specific Industry related to what you want to know more about.

Extra Benefits


  • Stay Informed About The Latest Industry Trends, Market Updates, Project Info  & Product Releases.
  • Registered Users Can Quickly Scan Through The Latest Industry & Product Related News & Developments
  • A Unique Opportunity For Companies & Businesses To Promote Latest News, Product Launches And More To Target Companies.