Carry Out Various Sales And Purchase Operations Digitally With IbizPlatform

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Today, almost all businesses are undergoing a massive digital transformation. Digitization is the need of the hour. Owing to the current pandemic situation and the aggressive digitization process, both buyers and sellers prefer digital mediums for sales and purchase processes. It is safer to use digital channels for sales and purchase options both for sellers and buyers. For sales professionals and purchasing operations, digital selling is rising as an impressive concept. With the advanced technology, just like the stock markets, digital inventories are also sold by putting up their ad units for open auction.

There are many benefits when carrying out various Sales And Purchase Operations Digitally, and the main benefits are-

Connect with buyers and sellers

You can connect easily and quickly on digital platforms and access the necessary pieces of information and applications that you need to use for online services. It’s very convenient and possible for a Buyer – seller connect with an extensive network of suppliers and vendors.

Transparency among everyone

With the ease of connection and gathering information, you can be more transparent with buyers and sellers’ sessions through digitisation.

Highly Convenient for buyers and sellers

Buyers and sellers can easily connect with each other from the comfort of their homes. From any location you are in and any electronic device with the internet to connect digitally.

It has a wide array of audience

With the convenience, there can be a wide range of audience from different demographics and can enhance the impression value of buyers.

Builds healthy Relationships

The purchasers and sellers can build strong relations that would result in both parties benefit by negotiating and agreeing on a term according to their mutual understandings.

With Ibizplatform, purchase assistance simplifies purchasing as it centres around forming supplier/vendor connections, quote Evaluations,pre-qualification analysis, techno-commercial evaluations, and much more.

The purchase session involves a bidder centric session where bidders can be invited through Direct Invites and Automated Invites.

With Ibizplatforms, Purchasers Can Specify their Preferences accordingly in the below terms-

  • Seller Services & Industry
  • Delivery Requirements
  • Technical Specifications etc.

Critical features of Various Sales And Purchase Operations Digitally With Ibizplatform are-


With the link session, it is possible to create a sub-session where the purchase module can be divided into distinct groups, which would result in systematic and professional purchase operations.

Subsessions provide you with the difference and allows you to find and easily distinguish between them.


With the sub-session links, Purchasers can easily create groups that can be classified and help them to put on particular categories for sending invites of specific purchases.

Purchases can also send email invites to new vendors or suppliers outside the platform.

Also, there can be a customer group session that can include the list of registered vendor companies.


Purchasers and buyers can check vendors’ credibility and check their profiles, certifications, and reviews of their past experiences. 


Purchasers can track live bids and can also have the capability to accept or reject any submissions.


Purchasers can evaluate vendors, quotations, and bids they have received and accordingly select shortlisted suppliers and release a purchase order.

Ibizplatform provides AI Mapping technology, in which purchasers can directly connect with the interested vendors and suppliers through digital interactions. Our purchase module includes everything that is mentioned above and will help you do your work seamlessly, easily and conveniently.

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