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Differentiated Sectors and its benefits

Contractors : Companies that handle turnkey or part of a project are one of the key players of both Industrial & Construction Sectors. We provide an ideal platform for EPCs, MEPs and sub contractors in mechanical, piping, electrical - HV, MV & LV contractors, instrumentation, process automation, HVAC, ELV, BMS, Telecom etc for sales, purchase, HR and marketing processes. Companies get access to matching live tender invites in Sales, OBP sessions and can promote respective services in P&S Session.

Our Purchase & OBP Posts sessions facilitates companies to seamlessly handle basic purchase requirements to multi stage tenders via advanced AI- DI mapping techniques, real time status update, vendor analysis to finalize a project contract. Contractors can also make use of our BR session for getting connected to manpower suppliers for bulk manpower requirements for projects.

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Manufacturing Companies : Companies with large production facility and multiple departments at times finds it very difficult to optimize the workflow to improve efficiency. We provide efficient methods to get connected to large group of vendors, service providers for project subcontracts or purchases. Effective marketing of Products to right audience is key for any manufacturer to stay ahead of the competition. Our platform provides cost effective & reliable solutions for OEMs in industrial & construction sector to promote their products to target customers.

OEMs we serve include manufacturers in small & large machinery manufacturers, valves, pumps, pipes & fittings, electrical switchgear, equipment & products, measurement instruments & tools, telecom, networking system, industrial control system, solar products, lights, IT equipment and much more.

Traders & Service providers : Traders, Resellers, Distributors or Stockists who are authorized by OEM & Service oriented companies involved in direct equipment maintenance, device repair, quality & inspection checks, calibration services, surveying, rental services, hospitality, finance, IT, insurance etc benefit from our Sales Module to get direct access to live RFQs matching respective company profile.

Traders & Service oriented companies can connect with an extensive online network of main contractors and customers to promote their wide range of products & services and request customers to add them to vendor groups for future bid invites. Our customer-centric P&S module allows marketing managers to advertise products to right category of customers.

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Solution Providers : Companies specialized in providing tried and tested solutions in particular sector or industries, consultants involved in project management, FEED study, system design, project planning and various other engineering companies serving various industry verticals can utilize our platform to get connected with OEMs or vendors offering new technologies.

Solutions providers or system integrators are provided with opportunity to get connected to manufacturers, traders, resellers, contractors to analyze and make a complete solution based on ongoing or upcoming project opportunities.

The IBP Advantage

Ibizplatform offers a unified solution and work as an extended hand for Sales, Purchase, HR & Marketing departments of each companies. Direct Access to an extensive network of buyers, suppliers, service providers, contractors, and much more to expand network and facilitate business growth. Immediate access to Live RFQs for products, services and projects. Market products to target customer community. Execute & take part in simple and user friendly multi stage tendering process.

Hire manpower with advanced Video CV screening and shortlisting. Creative & efficient solutions to cater business needs of the time, optimize operational expenses and improve growth.

Register with us to find the best contractors or suppliers in electrical, switchgear, LV panels, DB, SMDB, MDB, VFD, lighting controls, UPS systems, Inverters, lights & fixtures, HVAC, fire and gas, pipe fittings, valves, pumps, GI pipes, exproof products, building materials, tools, generators, compressors, machinery, motors, control panels, soft starters, sensors, guages, instruments, transmitters, communication systems, CCTV, access control systems, BMS, industrial automation - PLC and SCADA, remote monitoring systems, well head control panels, hydraulic systems, cables, cable management systems, IT networking, computers, servers, touchpanel HMIs, ethernet switches etc; Connect with top class service providers in cybersecurity, ERP software development, industrial engineering and solution providers in UAE.